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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to connect BSNL Wifi to internet

Many latest mobiles like Samsung galaxy have wifi with hotspot technology which allows you to connect  broadband internet on your phone and also share data connection among other devices having wifi. Many of us uses BSNL data-one broadband internet in homes so some configuration settings  are required to successfully connect to your phone. Make sure that your Wifi modem is turned on and connected to internet.

Modem here I demonstrate is teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI

First you need to configure modem (wireless router) before connecting to phone. Open your web browser  and type  enter username and password 'admin'
You'll land on a page where you can configure the Wireless LAN settings. Click Configuration on the left  and choose Wireless Network.
Change the required settings like the following:
Under Basic Settings

Global Setting:
Select Profile: 802.11 B/G
Wireless Network: Enable
Select Country : INI
IGMP snooping Multicast to Unicast: Disable
WLAN Rate: Automatic
Channel Selection: Auto
Select Channel:6
Network Name (SSID):BSNL_AP (or anything you want like 'HOME')
Security Settings
Select Security Option : Wi-Fi Protected Access
Select Encryption Protocol: TKIP Protocol
Select Authentication Method: PSK (pre shared key)
WPA Pass Phrase: use blank for open network or chose a password for your choice.
PMK Caching : Enabled
Under MAC Address Filter
Select MAC Auth : Disabled
Click confirm to save your settings.

The next step is to activate WiFi on your phone (Phone : Samsung Galaxy Ace). Go to settings > wireless networks > Wi-Fi settings and turn Wi-Fi on. You'll get a window listing all the available wireless networks like in screenshot shown below.

Click on the BSNL_AP. You'll now prompted for the pass-phrase that you've typed during modem configuration.

Enter your password and click connect. You'll get connected to wireless modem within a few seconds.


  1. wifi connected but inetrnet not connecting......??????????????

    1. Authentication Error occured while connecting. Please help me

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